Canada-wide and worldwide Canadian income tax preparation

We prepare personal, business and corporation tax returns for Canadian taxpayers located in any province (except Quebec) and worldwide.

Procedure to file a Canadian tax return from anywhere through us:

1) Contact Us or call us at 905-634-5605. When we are with a client our voice mail will record your message and we will return your call within 12 hours).

2) Send us the appropriate tax information by e-mail (as an Excel file attachment), mail, fax or phone.

3) For personal and business tax returns we will send you by e-mail a T183 form. You must sign it and mail or fax the original back to us. We will file you tax return electronically and e-mail you a copy of the tax. Payment can be done securely online.

4) For corporate taxes we will prepare the appropriate T2 forms, GIFI and provincial corporate returns. We will e-mail you the original forms. You will print them, sign them and mail them to your closest Canadian income tax office. Payment can be done securely online

We also schedule appointments at our office. We are open all year around.