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The appeal process
is very straightforward and if the letter of appeal is properly prepared and you have good grounds for the appeal then CRA will accept it. However, the letter of appeal must have a specific structure. If you do not follow the following procedure, most likely you will lose the appeal.

The letter must be addressed to the Chief of Appeals in your tax jurisdiction. If you live in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and surrounding areas you should use this address:

Chief of Appeals
PO BOX 2220
55 Bay Street North
Hamilton, Ontario
L8R 3P7

The letter must have three sections:

1) Subject with your SIN number, this can be worded as: Re: Objection to your re-assessment of my 2017 tax return
SIN ???-???-??? following an audit.

2)Facts. This is the most important part of the letter. You must state only the bare facts with no extra commentary. State only the necessary information that proves that you are correct. Keep this part of the letter short and to the point.

3) Remedy: If you think that your original filing was correct, then write this section as follows: my tax return for the year 201? should be assessed as filed.

Sign the letter, add your address and phone number.