My philosophy is a little knowledge reduces the accounting and estate expenses. Thus, I have chosen a few books that I believe are quite useful as references in variety of situations.

1) Estate planning: . The book The Family Fight: Planning to Avoid It is very interesting because it presents in a brief and simple way the pitfalls that can occur when planning an estate and writing a will. Even the best lawyer may make a mistake in writing a will. Sometimes, even a single misplaced word might cause huge estate problems. This books presents many suggestions on how to plan a succession so that when a death occurs there are no fights in the family.

2) Probate When somebody dies, banks usually require that a will be probated before releasing the estate funds. A common procedure is to call a lawyer and let him/her handle the estate. The problem is that lawyers charge 2-3% of the estate value to probate a will. The book Probate Guide for Ontario gives you all the information on how to fill the forms to probate a will without having to pay a lawyer.

However, if you wish we can probate a will for a rate much lower than a lawyer.

3) Bookkeeping. A recently published book Bookkeepers Boot Camp shows how relatively easy it is to keep the books for a business. In my web site I have included a list of deductible expenses. If you wish to read more about deductions the books Make sure it's deductible and The Complete Canadian Home Business are good guides.

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