Business Income Tax Return Check List

Print this checklist and use it help gather all the papers that are needed to properly fill out your Business Tax Return

Bank Information (business account)

Total Gross Income

Receipts *

Cash receipts (anything you paid with cash out of your pocket)
List of equipment & vehicles used in your business including: purchase price, date of purchase.price you sold it for, if it was sold last year
All invoices or bills paid
All automobile expenses:
gas & oil
car washes

Lease Agreements for:

Rental equipment

Other Information:

Previous year's financial statements and tax returns (if you came to I B R C C last year, these items are not necessary. We have them on file.)
HST/ PST/ EHT/ WS&IB returns

If you work out of your home, bring:

Utility bills
Rent or mortgage papers (payment + interest paid), insurance
Telephone bills
Property taxes
Bills for maintenance and repairs

If your company is incorporated, bring:

Articles of incorporation and minute book.

Rental Properties

Full addresses of rental properties
Number of tenants (units rented) for commercial properties
Residential - % of home rented
( area of rented space in square feet divided by total area in square feet)
Utility bills Repairs & maintenance bills Property taxes paid, insurance Advertising expenses If property is jointly owned state % of ownership of the property
- name, SIN of partner, if their taxes are done by another tax preparer.